Bhagwan Shailja Narayan
6th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
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Maha Laxmi Narayan Maha Yagya


Bhagwan Shailja Narayan

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God is creator, regulator and ultimate eliminator (dooms day) in the universe.

As  per Hindu  mythology  LORD NARAYAN incarnated  himself on the earth,

in India, as  Lord  Ram  in  Ayodhya  and  as Lord  Krishn in Mathura. During

this  span  MOTHER  LORD LAXMI  called MAA LAXMI  was present as Maa

Sita  with  Lord Ram  and  Maa  Radha  with  Lord  Krishn. These  are called

'Purn Avtar' of lord Narayan and Maa Laxmi.

When God  incarnates  himself in his  beloved  devotee at   any stage of  life

then it  is called 'AVESH AVTAR'. According  to a  belief,  Lord Narayan took '

Avesh Avtar'
  in   devotee  Siddharth  who  was  later  on  accepted  as  Lord

Gautam   Buddh.   Similarly   Lord   Satyasen,  Lord Kapil,  Lord   Parshuram

and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu are  also  Avesh  Avtar of  Lord Narayan. In

this sequence  Lord  Narayan took  Avesh Avtar along  with Maa Laxmi in his

esteemed   beloved   devotee   SHAILJA  on   16   Feb 1997    who   is   now 

accepted as Lord SHAILJA NARAYAN   by a good  number  of  devotees. It is 

worth  mentioning  here  that  God  is  a  subject  of  faith,  believe  and trust 

and   hence   this   acceptance is  no  way a debatable matter, for hurting the

feelings  of  any person or for opposing any religion, what so  ever it may be.